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Leak detection service is essential when it comes to faulty or defected water pipelines that are buried under the ground or built within walls, since a leaky water pipeline is not as easy and straight forward to detect and repair as a leaky water faucet or an external water source, getting the help from unprofessional service providers can a very costly and time-consuming approach, where as the entire problem can be easily fixed within minutes cost-effectively if you contact our water leak detection companies in Saudi Arabia.

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leak detection kit

encountering an underlying pluming problem like underground water leak can be stressful and if not tackled and repaired at the right time, the consequences can come at an incredibly high cost and effort, to save yourself the hassle associated with fixing the damage leaky water pipes leave on buildings, it is recommended to perform a regular water leak check to ensure the pipelines are intact.

Most of the times house owners won’t have a clue they are dealing with a problem with their water pipelines unless the water damage becomes so visible, or they start getting unjustified high water bills. plumping systems are complex  especially in modern houses, a leaky water pipe that is defected or not jointed properly can be a tricky problem to locate and fix without doing a lot of destruction to the foundation and walls of the house.

Our company has a team of licensed experts highly trained plumber equipped with advanced tools to accurately detect the source of water leakage, understand the magnitude of damage it has caused, and accordingly they use their expertise to decide the best approach to fix the problem from the roots, and because we know that water leakage can happen at any time, we made our service available 24/7 so you can turn to us at times of emergencies to detect and fix plumping problems associated with leakage using our advanced leak detection kit.

water leak detection device

Our company provides advanced solutions to assess and fix all sorts of plumping problems you could suffer from in your house, including underlying water leakage, we follow several advanced techniques to help us get to the root problem rapidly regardless of how deep or critical the problem might be, such as water leak detection device that runs on acoustic signals which provides a precise readings of the exact location of the leakage and an approximate overview of the entire condition.

water leak detection

even though it might not be an obvious problem to pinpoint and repair, there are some telltale signs that indicate the likelihood of having an ongoing water leak problems, if you happen to notice any of these signs, it is necessary to call our company at the detailed contact numbers and emails to perform an emergency water leak detection test and do the necessary interventions if needed.

If you constantly hear the sound of running water even if all faucets are closed in your house, you could hear this sound in the walls right after water was being in use, this is a solid sign you could be dealing with a water leak somewhere in your pipelines system.

Receiving a notice from the water authority stating that you could probably be having a water leak problem due to an unusual increase in water consumption.

Receiving high water bills even though you haven’t intentionally increased your use.

Steaming on the floors or experiencing warm spots, this could indicate there’s a problem with warm water leaking in the foundation of the house.

Stripping paint on the walls near water sources.

Noticing water damage, humid. Or mold build-ups on the lower portion of your walls.

Constant smell of mildew even if you can’t logically identify the source.

Experiencing unusual low water pressure, leakage in water pipelines is a significant cause of unjustified decrease in water pressure.

water leak detection companies in Saudi Arabia

Our company amongst the very few highly qualified water leak detection companies in Saudi Arabia  is distinguished by being the most reliable service provider for all problems associated with plumping systems, over the past decades we have attained the trust we deserve from hundreds of thousands of regular and new customers all over the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, yet that has never stopped us from pursuing the newest international technologies to improve our service and save our clients their precious time and efforts during the process of detecting and fixing sources of water leakage.

Thanks to this, we have managed to identify and locate even the slightest small or large diameters water leak sources in pipeline systems of all sorts including iron, plastic, PVC, ductile, caste iron, in addition to complete insulation of water pipelines to prevent reoccurrence or leakage for a lifetime and boost the potential life span for the pipeline systems.

water leak detection system Saudi Arabia

in the company we count on a highly advanced water leak detection system Saudi Arabia, using a variety of tools, machines and kits to precisely locate water leakage in pipeline system buried under the soil, built in walls or below concrete slabs, including the following techniques:-

acoustic listening kits: this technique allows sounds of water leakage to be amplified to high frequencies helping plumbers estimate the approximate location of the leakage before they start drilling or digging, this technology is especially effective in case of deeply buried water pipeline system in the soil or under concrete slabs.

Camera inspection tools: these cameras are especially designed to help spot sources of water or sewer leakage inside the pipeline, a small camera in inserted in the drainpipe to inspect the system, if leakage is spotted, plumbers manage to identify the precise location of the problem measuring how much cable went down.

Once the source of the problem is found, our plumbers start working on the repair process, whether your pipeline systems are made of cast iron, copper, PVC, or concrete we will provide the most convenient and permanent repair, we also offer our services to regularly check for water leaks in order to prevent consequent problems like over growth of unhealthy mold or even structural damage to the building.


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