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Ideal Shield Company works in all cleaning works, combating insects, moving luggage and furniture, detecting leaks and completing them to the fullest because it has trained manpower on all services with the use of the latest modern means to reach high efficiency.

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    26 November، 2020

    Leak Detection System / 920008956

    Leak detection service is essential when it comes to faulty or defected water pipelines that are buried under the ground…
    26 November، 2020

    A sewerage wiring company in Riyadh / 920008956

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    26 November، 2020

    Cleaning services Riyadh / 920008956

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    26 November، 2020

    Pets Control in Saudi Arabia / 920008956

    Pets Control in Saudi Arabia Household pests can be way more than just an annoyance, infestation of cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites…
    26 November، 2020

    Movers and Packer in Riyadh / 920008956

    Movers and Packer in Riyadh Relocating from one house to another or moving your business location can be an incredibly…

    Our services

    • Cleaning service

    Ideal shield company uses the best types of detergents necessary to carry out all parts of the place from all directions. We also use the best types of perfumes imported from the best cleaning companies and owns the latest advanced devices and we update them permanently.

    • Pest control service

    Insects are one of the most annoying things in our lives as insects cause a lot of anxiety to children and also harm health and cause diseases. When you request pest control service from our company, we will eliminate all kinds of insects you have.

    • Electrician

    Our dear customer, what is the size of the losses that you will encounter when the home’s electricity is cut off. All household appliances will stop and this is a big problem.

    • Water leak detection service

    The problem of detecting water leaks is a big problem for many people, as water leaks lead to cracks in walls and also lead to many other problems. You can request a water leak detection service, and we will get rid of that problem for you permanently.

    • Sewer plumbing services

    Sewage wiring is one of the important life things that must be done in order to ensure better health. When requesting sewage wiring service, you can speak with one of our company’s customer service representatives or through the numbers available.

    • Tank insulation service

    Isolation of tanks is one of the necessary things that must be done always in order to ensure clean water and healthy water. We also clean and sterilize tanks. You can request service by calling the numbers available to us.

    who are we

    Guaranteed professional character

    Ideal Shield Company is characterized by a distinct professional character and content and uses the highest capabilities, we are honored to serve you all and we have many reservations always and our working methods are very strong and all the materials used by us are completely safe and certified.

    Modern and advanced devices

    Ideal Shield Company is characterized by its use of advanced technology and modern devices and always offers the best to its customers and seeks customer satisfaction, because the confidence that it gains with our client is the greatest success and works to obtain the best results and has the best services with excellent quality.

    High accuracy and efficiency

    Ideal Shield Company is distinguished by your protection and providing all your safety requirements and complete safety by relying on the best modern means with all efficiency and accuracy to work in the least possible time, so we are distinguished by commitment and a technical staff with great experience to fully prepare for the implementation of all work to the fullest.